Insurance Coverage

Eastburn and Gray Insurance Coverage

Many people and businesses purchase insurance and assume they are fully covered. Unfortunately this is often untrue.

While insurance companies advertise their unique protection for moments when bad things happen, the fact is that their primary purpose is to make money. These companies earn less profit for each dollar they pay in insurance claims.

This tendency within the insurance industry is such that in 1968, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed a law which prohibits this type of conduct by an insurance company. Today, in most cases involving automobile, homeowner’s, or business insurance policies, consumers who are wrongfully denied insurance are allowed to sue their insurance company directly. The lawsuit will include not only the recovery of the benefits owed and the costs of bringing suit, but also the attorney’s fees involved. This is typically referred to as a “bad faith” lawsuit.

These cases are complex and time consuming. Our attorneys have extensive experience in insurance coverage matters and bad faith insurance claims. We have successfully handled such matters on multiple occasions in both state and federal courts.


Insurance Coverage