Jan 26, 2022

2022 Child Support Guidelines Changed

If you have a child support order, it might be time to consider modifying that order. Many people avoid modifying their child support orders even when there is a change of circumstances for a variety of reasons, to avoid conflict with the other parent being the most common. Pennsylvania recently promulgated new child support guidelines, effective January 1, 2022.

What stays the same?
Child support is calculated in the same manner it has always been. Parties have a guideline amount owed based on their incomes.

Similarly, child support will still be made in the form of regular payments based on the support order, plus the payor parent is still responsible for their pro rata share of unreimbursed medical costs over $250 and child care expenses. There is still a credit towards child support to account for this.

What is new?
The guideline numbers.
The updated Pennsylvania child support guidelines take into consideration the cost of living changes. This means that for many people the child support number will change even if both parents’ incomes have remained the same.

Reimbursement for extracurricular activities.
This is the biggest change to the child support guidelines. Until now, the support orders in Bucks County did not address the expenses for the child that did not fall under the categories of childcare expenses, health insurance premiums, or unreimbursed medical costs. Under the new guidelines, however, parents shall share responsibility for the costs related to the child’s educational, extra-curricular, or developmental activities. Montgomery County, Pennsylvania has been including these payments in support orders prior to 2022, but the change in Pennsylvania law means Bucks County support orders will also address those expenses.

If you, or someone you know, may be affected by the information in this legal alert, please contact Abigail Bukowski at Eastburn and Gray. To learn more about Eastburn and Gray and our Family Law practice group, please visit the firm’s website, www.eastburngray.com.

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