Jul 12, 2012

Permit-Holders Receive Boost from Pennsylvania General Assembly

Property owners and developers across Pennsylvania with zoning, subdivision, or building approvals and permits have been granted a reprieve until 2016 which will extend the life of those permits and approvals. The Pennsylvania General Assembly granted the extension before commencing its summer recess on June 30, 2012. Enacted as part of an overhaul to the state Fiscal Code, the extension (S.B. 1263, Act 87) was signed into law on July 2, 2012.

Permit- and approval-holders will now have an additional three years during which time their permits and approvals will remain valid. Under prior law, permits and approvals in effect after December 31, 2008 remained valid until July 2, 2013. In a move that will bolster development and foster economic growth, the legislature extended that period until July 2, 2016. For many, the extension will be automatic.

The extension applies to any approvals, agreements, or permits that relate to development or construction. Some exceptions do apply.

If you have questions about the duration of your permit, or would like more information about the effect of the Permit Extension Act, please contact the Land Use Group at Eastburn and Gray at 215.345.7000.

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