Oct 27, 2020

Eastburn and Gray Team Volunteers for Fall Clean Up at Fonthill Castle

Mark Cappuccio and Judy Hayman

Mark Cappuccio and Judy Hayman

Grace Deon and William Dudeck

Grace Deon and William Dudeck

Attorneys, staff and their families from Eastburn and Gray volunteered at Fonthill Museum in Doylestown on Saturday, October 24, 2020. The purpose of the visit was to help Fonthill with a Fall clean up throughout the property.

Prior to her career in the legal industry, Eastburn and Gray attorney Judy Hayman previously worked in the museum field and had the honor and opportunity to work for both Fonthill and Mercer Museums. “As a lifelong Bucks County resident, the history, the arts and the charm of the Mercer and Fonthill Museums are a large part of what makes this community so uniquely beautiful,” said Ms. Hayman.

Built in 1912, Fonthill is an important example of the Arts and Crafts Movement architecture and a National Historic Landmark. While Mercer (1856-1930) built Fonthill as his home, his long term plan was to give Fonthill to the community as a Museum of tile and ceramic arts and give the surrounding grounds and Fonthill Woodlands to the community to enjoy and protect. The Museum’s Board and Staff with the local community have been working on a multi-year Fonthill Woodlands Project to care for this gift. This day of service was part of this initiative. To learn more, please visit www.mercermuseum.org.

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