Nov 01, 2017

Alaska Camper An RVer’s Frontier

Workamper News, November/December 2017
By: Joanne D. Sommer, Esq.

One thousand words? How about thousands of pictures instead? Or a thousand memories of sweeping vistas, gravel roads, raging rivers, pristine lakes, The Milepost, whales, moose, bear, cracked
windshields, lumber trucks, wildflowers, eagles, puffins, murres, 23-hour days, mosquitos, countless waterfalls and wow!

For every negative, there are a thousand spectacular positives about traveling to Alaska by RV. We have done it twice from Pennsylvania; a round-trip of more than 13,000 miles.

From the first view of glacier-capped mountains, to the moment when Denali deigns to show its face, Alaska is a world of breathtaking “firsts.” The sight of thousands of salmon struggling against raging rivers to spawn and die; the sight of eagles in the sky, on the beaches, and in the trees; the wonder of watching a pod of Humpback whales coordinate the corralling of thousands of bait fish then lunging as one to greedily consume their catch; watching Grizzly and moose mothers teach their young life lessons needed for survival to name a few.

Alaska is a place where memories are made around each corner. Long after the journey’s end, the sights and sounds of Alaska remain with us and…did I mention the thousands of pictures?

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