Eastburn and Gray Litigation

Our litigation attorneys represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey both in and out of the courtroom to resolve disputes in an effort to achieve the best result for the individual or corporate client. We are a team of talented, experienced and prepared litigators. We work diligently with our clients to identify, with preventive strategies to avoid litigation, risk management and assessment of cases and the litigation process from discovery, through trials and appeals. We have extensive experience litigating cases before local, state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies and arbitrators.

Our clients include individuals, partnerships, governments, educational institutions, privately and publicly owned businesses, and nonprofit organizations. We represent national, regional, and local clients in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies across the country. Recognizing the cost of litigation, we staff our cases as necessary to achieve a favorable result. We work closely with the attorneys in other practice groups within the firm to gain their expertise and insight as needed. Our attorneys handle complex business disputes and we are mindful of the costs that affect our clients’ bottom line. We provide counseling before and during the litigation to help our clients make reasonable business decisions. From the start, we discuss budgets, estimates, probable outcomes, creative strategies and resources that may be necessary to succeed. Throughout the process, we keep our clients informed about the status of the case.

Business and Corporate Law Litigation

The firm’s litigators are tireless advocates for our corporate and business clients, delivering quality services with an eye towards managing the costs of litigation. Our litigators have decades of experience representing our clients in breach of contract actions; tort claims, including claims for tortious interference with contractual relations; shareholder and partnership disputes, including claims for breach of fiduciary duty, claims for conversion of corporate opportunities, shareholder oppression and dissenters’ rights litigation; litigation involving non-compete and non-solicitation covenants; complex litigation, such as defense of class action suits; and intellectual property litigation relating to patent infringement, copyright infringement and Lanham Act violations. We have appeared in state and federal courts and before arbitrators and mediators. For more information, please visit our Business and Corporate Law Practice page.

Construction Law Litigation

Our construction litigators represent owners, designers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in all facets of litigation, from claims identification and development, to mechanics’ liens, bond claims, arbitration and trial in the federal and state courts, as well as private arbitration. For more information, please visit our Construction Law Practice page.

Creditor’s Rights/Bankruptcy

Our attorneys represent clients in workouts, loan modifications, and bankruptcy court proceedings.

We regularly assist clients in commercial litigation, foreclosures and commercial collection work. Our attorneys practice in federal and state courts both in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For more information, please visit our Bankruptcy Practicepage.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense attorneys have handled all aspects of criminal defense in Pennsylvania state courts for more than thirty years. We defend clients at the district justice level, for traffic violations and summary offenses and in the Courts of Common Pleas throughout the Commonwealth for criminal offenses from DUI to Drug offenses and felonies. We practice extensively in juvenile court; we defend involuntary commitments and all types of criminal appellate issues. For more information, please visit our Criminal Defensepage.

Education and School Law Litigation

Our education law litigators represent school district clients in all aspects of this complex area of the law. We serve as school district Solicitor as well as special counsel to various school districts for litigation matters such as special education IDEA, Section 504 and Title IX litigation, employee termination, labor arbitrations and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements. We regularly review the areas of contract review contracts, answer school code compliance issues, employment, collective bargaining, are engaged for bond issues, tax assessment appeals, student discipline matters and, administrative hearings, consult with school district administration regarding all aspects of compliance with special education and disability laws and matters relating to Title IX both in the employment area and relating to students law, and a myriad of other topics which affect Pennsylvania school districts. We try cases before administrative agencies, labor arbitrators, state and federal courts in the area of school law. We present training seminars on topics related to litigation issues. For more information, please visit our Education and School Law Practice page.

Employment and Discrimination

Our Employment Litigators have extensive experience handling and resolving claims for business clients and individuals. We represent both employers and employees in matters of employment discrimination, termination, harassment and other workplace issues throughout Pennsylvania. We handle these matters before both at the arbitrators as well as before the state and federal courts. We regularly review and revise client personnel handbooks and provide training for employers on topics relevant to all aspects of employment. For more information, please visit our Employment and Discrimination Law Practice page.

Family Law

The attorneys in our Family Law practice are in court almost every day. We have substantial experience litigating at the trial and appellate levels. For more information, please visit our Family Law Practice page.

Insurance Coverage

Our attorneys have extensive experience in insurance coverage and bad faith insurance claims, having successfully handled such matters on multiple occasions in both state and federal courts. These cases are usually complex. Our attorneys have handled litigation involving comprehensive general liability policies, directors’ and officers’ coverage, environmental coverage, residential and commercial first-party property insurance, and life and disability coverage. For more information, please visit our Insurance Coverage Law Practice page.

Land Use & Zoning

The attorneys in our Land Use Group routinely litigate land use matters arising from zoning hearing board decisions, appeals from municipal action, and challenges to the substantive and procedural validity of zoning ordinances. For more information, please visit our Land Use and Zoning Law Practice page.

Landlord – Tenant

A landlord-tenant relationship is based upon principles of both contract and real estate law. Whether as a landlord or a tenant, clients must fully understand and appreciate the various rights and obligations which arise from this seemingly simple yet, in fact, complex body of laws. Our experienced group of attorneys can handle all forms of residential and commercial landlord and tenant issues and actions, be it from the negotiation, preparation and execution of the lease or up to and through the termination of the tenancy and the various scenarios which often surface with it. Many problems in a landlord and tenant relationship can be mitigated or avoided altogether with the assistance of knowledgeable counsel. For more information, please visit our Landlord – Tenant Law Practice page.

Municipal Law

Our municipal law attorneys represent and provide legal advice and opinions to municipalities, their governing bodies, boards, commissions and departments. For more information, please visit our Municipal Law Practice page.

Personal Injury

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases. We understand the intricacies of this specialized field of law. We consistently obtain just compensation for our clients, while maintaining their privacy and dignity throughout the entire process. For more information, please visit our Personal Injury Law Practice page.

Real Estate

Our real estate litigators regularly represent developers, owners, lenders and investors in a broad range of matters related to their real estate interests, including transactional litigation and litigation arising under the Real Estate Sellers Disclosure Act. For more information, please visit our Real Estate Law Practice page.

Tax Assessment Appeals

We represent commercial, industrial and residential property owners in challenging their real estate tax assessments. Successful appeals result in reduced real estate taxes for our clients. For more information, please visit our Tax Assessment Appeals page.


Our tax practitioners regularly represent individuals and businesses in tax-related controversies with state and federal tax authorities. For more information, please visit our Taxation Law Practice page.

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Our attorneys represent beneficiaries and fiduciaries in controversies involving wills, trusts and estates, actions taken by fiduciaries acting as power of attorney, and disputes involving guardianship. For more information, please visit our Wills, Trusts and Estates Law Practice page.